Pressure accumulators

We service and inspect a variety of industrial and rolling stock pressure accumulators and battery systems with solid professionalism. We also offer spare parts and accessories for cell, membrane, and piston accumulators. Our service covers all major brands such as Bosch Rexroth, Parker (Olaer, Oiltech), Hydac.

Pressure increase in industry

We can for example fill the accumulator stations of machining centers with our mobile nitrogen booster directly on site. The nitrogen containers used in the refills can be used up to 30 bar, which means that the nitrogen in the container is utilized as efficiently as possible. In this case, a smaller number of nitrogen containers can be used for the filling work, which brings considerable cost savings.

With our booster set, we can raise the pressure of pressure accumulators so that it exceeds the nitrogen container pressure, up to 280 bar.

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