Branches and hydraulic hose assembly

Our branches, which specialize in hydraulics, pneumatics, and workshop products, serve you in Kitee and Joensuu. Our core business is technical sales, certified manufacture of Parker hose assemblies, and maintenance and repair services. 

We represent leading hydraulic and pneumatic brands such as Parker, Bosch Rexroth, and Hydac. We always look for the products that best suit your needs from our extensive network of suppliers.
Our branches are open on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm. Come and let us serve you!
Joensuu, Tel. +358 42 485 9202
Kitee, Tel. +358 42 48591

Our Lahti branch is focused on the production of hydraulic power units. Lahti’s large component stock serves ordering customers (no store services).

Hydraulic hose assemblies of certified Parker quality

Kithydro is a hose assembly manufacturer certified by Parker Hannifin, which guarantees the high quality and strict cleanliness criteria of hydraulic hose assemblies. We manufacture hose assemblies in accordance with the process specified by the hose manufacturer and use specified tools to verify the correct assembly dimensions, parts as well as internal and external cleanliness level of finished hose assembly. Each hose assembly is completed according to the tolerances specified by the hose manufacturer. If necessary, the assembly is marked with a spare part code, and the fittings are protected so that no foreign particles can enter the assembly, even during transport or storage.

We manufacture thousands of hydraulic hose assemblies annually for OEM manufacturers, industry, service workshops, and contractors. We also assemble machine-specific spare hose-sets according to the customer’s needs. 

If the hose assemblies are marked with a spare part code, you can order the hose directly based on the code in advance and pick up the finished hose assembly from our store. This saves you time and ensures that the parts needed for the setup are in stock. When ordering a hose assembly directly with a spare part code, the correct dimensions of the hose assembly are also guaranteed.

We manufacture hydraulic hose assemblies at the Joensuu and Kitee branches. Hose deliveries from the Lahti branch are made against an order with a delivery time of a couple of days (no retail sales in Lahti).