Hyprox hydraulic power units 

We design and manufacture hydraulic power units for demanding industrial use under our own Hyprox® brand. We make custom-made power units according to your needs. We design hydraulic power units with Solidworks 3D software, which allows us to model the power units before they are built, thus facilitating the overall design process. The power units are carefully assembled based on our decades-long experience and are adjusted and tested to suit your system. We supply each power units with electronic documents and operating instructions in a wide range of languages. You will receive the system documentation as an organized set, which includes documents complying with the machinery directives, EU requirements and necessary manufacturers and incorporation declarations.

High-quality components

Thanks to our large stock, we are able to offer fast deliveries and high delivery reliability. Original components by leading manufacturers guarantee high quality of the systems and long service life of the power units we supply. We use e.g. Bosch Rexroth, Hydac and Parker components.  Our comprehensive stock also includes 16- to 500-liter tanks with leakage reservoirs.

We represent leading hydraulic manufacturers

Power units for versatile applications

We tailor the power units to different applications according to the wishes of our customers and partners. We supply hydraulic power units for instance to following segments: 

  • Industrial equipment builders as part of a wider process equipment delivery
  • Forest industry production lines: sawmills, plywood, pulp, paper, particleboard, and board mills
  • Power plants and OEM production lines for which we renew selected power units on-demand basis or participate in more extensive equipment upgrades.

Contact Hyprox® hydraulic power unit sales

Jukka Vesa
Sales and Design, power units
Tel. 050 532 8692

Ville Klinga
Sales and Design, power units
Tel. 050 532 8693

Pasi Pellikka 
Project Manager, industrial services and power units 
Tel. 040 544 8716