Kithydro has a long tradition and decades of experience, as the company’s roots go back to the repair and engineering business in the 1930s. The operation started as a blacksmith’s shop in Kitee in 1932 and was developed over the decades by the Paakkunainen family. In 1977, Kiteen Hydrauliliike Oy was established, specializing in hydraulics and pneumatics. 

The company’s new owner, Jouko Kauranen, continued to develop and grow the business in the late 1990s. In 1996, exports to Russia were launched. In 1998, the company’s name was changed to Kithydro Oy. The product range has been expanding over the years: for example, in 1998, the mechanical transmissions were introduced, and a year later maintenance was extended to the conveyor belt, rubber, and jointing services. At the turn of the millennium, we developed our own product line of KITPOWER hydraulic power units, which expanded the hydraulic power unit production further.

In 2004, Kithydro invested in the development of Kitee’s production facilities and the design of new, advanced testing equipment. In 2010 and 2011, after several smaller investments, a separate test unit was built for hydraulic motors, and the pump test bench was equipped with new measuring sensors. 

In 2010, a branch was opened in Joensuu. Nowadays it resides in the supplier park of the John Deere Forestry’s forest machine factory and, in addition to the factory, serves numerous other corporate customers in the Joensuu region.

The company got new background forces to work on development when Koneosapalvelu Oy acquired Kithydro in September 2019. In the same line of action, Koneosapalvelu also acquired Hyprox Oy, a Lahti-based company specializing in hydraulic power units. Hyprox has its roots in Hypro-Lahti Oy, founded in 1984. Kithydro and Hyprox merged on July 1, 2020 and are operating under the name Kithydro Oy. The name Hyprox was changed from the company name into a registered trademark for hydraulic power units. 

Pictured from left: Kithydro’s Chairman of the Board Ville Nevalainen and Managing director Mikko Koponen.

Today, the company, which started as a small blacksmith’s shop, and a hydraulic systems specialist have combined their vast experience and provide hydraulic expertise for both large industrial plants and a wide range of small businesses with mobile machinery. 

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